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03-19-2019, 04:59 PM
I'm currently working on essentially a copier overhaul at my company which includes about 20-30 Konica Minoltas that need to be integrated with AD. Currently these machines do local user registration for badge printing and scan-to-email. I have a test copier that our leasing company loaned me (C224e) that I have successfully join to our AD and can login to using my company credentials. The problem is that every time I register my badge while signed in with my AD account, it fails to let me in after I log out and swipe my badge to try to get back in. I am using Active Directory as the server type because I was trying to stay away from doing an LDAP connection (AD "just works" and is so much simpler than having to specify multiple domain controllers as different servers for redundancy). We also do not have badge numbers associated with users as an AD attribute (something I am also trying to change with our HR process). When I register myself locally and register a badge, it logs me in just fine.

So I guess my question is - judging by my observations, it appears that a badge cannot be associated with an external auth user. Is my assumption correct? And if it is not, I would greatly appreciate some guidance on how to get this to work.

Thanks alot!

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