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08-26-2011, 08:59 AM
While printing on SRA3, 250grams, duplex the engine often jams with code 9301. After replacing a lot of parts without solving the problem we were forced to change the engine with another one. Now we are having the same jams on the second engine also.
To give you any idea what we allready changed on the first engine:

replaced paper exit actuator
replaced one-way bearings in the fuser
chnaged complete fuserunit
changed loop settings for ADU large (positive and negative way)
replaced firmware of the engine (same version)
replaced duplex unit assy seperately
replaced complete ADU assy
replaced PRCB board
replaced wiring from engine to ADU section

As we see the same problem now on the second machine we are thinking of a timing problem in the software of the engine !!
On several engines you see the jamcode 9301 appearing on the managamentlist, it looks like all engines suffer from it.
Depending on the size and weight of the paper a customer notices the jam more often then others.

Does anyone have suggestions, remember.......we already changed the complete engine.

Thanks in advance .


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