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06-29-2014, 09:22 AM
We have 3 fusers for 2 C6501's only 1 of the 3 fusers act this way, i use this fuser only for 8.5x11 or 11x17 which is 99% not heavy stock, so it makes the belt last longer.

I notice that after 75K-100K the belt will seem uneven, although this doesn't wear it faster, it will start to make it "walk" to the rear, then it will damage itself. If we used this for heavy stock it would last much less.

I have replaced many parts on this fuser, i don't think its bent (frame) or any thing obvious. Have been told if frame is bent cover will not go on easy.

Think this has to do with the over fuser roller adjustments, or the level springs. I am not a "tech" but i keep the machines up for the most part, and short of major repair we do pretty well...

Seems I am missing something obvious - take a look...

This is a video of the fuser, belt is only 45K into life... Almost completely rebuilt...
New Belt, New rollers (all but Upper - which looks good), replcaced all bearings and bushings. Replaced all major items except Belt Regulating Sleeves which seemed ok - they never seems to wear out just get loose and they were not at the time of service.

We used to let the fuser run till fail - either markings on prints, or belt damage. Now I will replace the lower fuser roller as soon as markings start to get visible...

Here is the fuser with cover off, and manually turning the drive. You can see when it gets to a certain point place the Upper fuser will run away... you can see and hear it (or maybe you cant over my breathing - sorry allergies or blame the selenium drums take your pick)


Any tech who have been to class or is production know how, I think this needs some fine tuning, i know your not saposed to mess with the red screws but there has to be an adjustment, so i can take up the slack on the belt, after it stretches unevenly or to fix this for the next belt so it wont happen next time.

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