Hi All,
Interesting story. Recently had this machine that client at first complained about paper jams at every 20-30 pages.
As it turns out later printer is restarting while they printing. They have another machine so I ask them to swap faulty one with other and to wait for me next day.
When I show at their door next morning they angrily start to ask why we sell them these POC as second printer failed with same problem.
At that point I checked error history and found only one paper jam at 37 pages, the second printer was brand new. Tried copy and print some jobs no faults.
Checked first printer error history and found more jams and E1(unable to print). Meanwhile they opened a large DOC file(8MB) and send it to printer.
As it was about 5000 pages it takes about 10min Word to open file and in printer queue it spooled in size like 3.5GB. Printer was starting to print and after first 20-30 pages it restarts by itself in front of me.
Long story short.
It appears that they have many small PDF files(8-10pages) and they use to merge and convert them in 1 DOC file. They printed like that 2-3 times a month, so far without any problem. NOW this time it seems to me that it was some corrupt data in one of PDFs, which crashed the printer every time this DOC file was send to machine 1 or 2 and every other.
I know in fact that some Lexmark and other machines have feature to reboot on some type of errors but don't think I see this in Brother manuals.