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    Brother MFC L 5850 DW etc. scaned documents thru ADF, are often scewed or crooked?

    Hello guys, i have sold several of these and similar smaller DCP L2550 DW and MFC L8900 CDW models.

    the customers all complain that when they scan with the adf, the PDF shows up crooked.

    i tested them, and i think part of the problem is, the adf side guides are so easy to move, that the single sheet of paper moves them.

    also, if i am very careful, they seem to be ok, but if not, they are very noticeably not strait on the computer screen.

    I have one customer that installed two additional right angle guides on his small HP 7250 ? office jet mfp and he said it helps.

    i tried calling Brother tech support, but never have time to wait on hold and keep hanging up after several minutes.

    does anyone have any advice, or resolution for this?

    one other thing i noticed, the copies are always slightly loosing the border on the right side, and adds it to the left by a difference of 4 millimeters. is this normal? the paper in the tray is centered, as well as the adf guides from what i can tell.

    any help or advice would be really appreciated.
    thank you very much. i hope you have a nice day, Jim

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    Brother MFC L 5850 DW etc.  scaned documents thru ADF, are often scewed or crooked?

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    Re: Brother MFC L 5850 DW etc. scaned documents thru ADF, are often scewed or crooke

    You could try what I do when the paper cassette guides are constantly being moved around, and not positioned correctly. First determine if that tray always gets a specific size paper. If yes, make it so that guides are in the right place and will never move again. Each situation is a little different, but sometimes it's a drilled hole and a course thread screw, or a dab of epoxy, or a strategically placed spacer.

    Whatever it takes, stop those guides from moving. On the bigger MFP's most of them have detents at the typical common sizes, so that the guides don't wander. That might be difficult to engineer on a Brother.

    If the largest width is 8.5", add a stop preventing the original guides from moving any larger than 8.5" exactly. =^..^=
    If you'd like a serious answer to your request:
    1) demonstrate that you've read the manual
    2) demonstrate that you made some attempt to fix it.
    3) if you're going to ask about jams include the jam code.
    4) if you're going to ask about an error code include the error code.
    5) You are the person onsite. Only you can make observations.

    blackcat: Master Of The Obvious =^..^=

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