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    Binding question

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    Binding question

    Not sure if there is a correct section for this but here goes

    We are tendering for a job that requires us to print and spiral bind around 2500 A4 books

    The printing is no problem but we need to invest in a spiral binder and I have no experience of these.

    Due to the timeframes, we need something quick and efficient - the largest book is 430 pages and should fit in a 2" spiral bind

    A lot of the binders I have seen so far (via Google) only seem to have a punch capacity of 20-30 sheets - are there heavy duty punch/binders out there and can anyone point me in the right direction please?



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    Re: Binding question

    Try GBC they may have what you are looking for

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    Re: Binding question

    You're not going to find very many punch binders that do more than 20 or 30 pages. Pushing through paper generates two things: heat and paper chads. The more pages you can punch at a time, the more chads you get and the more force you need to cleanly push them through the paper. For that kind of a run you're going to need multiple GBC punchers, but with the electric ones, you can do a foot pedal punch and get books about that size punched and ready for binding in a matter of minutes. The hard part is going to be binding them on a two inch bind: anything past a one inch bind starts to get unwieldy, especially if your staff bind the books face up instead of face down on the comb.

    Two or three of these and you'll be golden: GBC Machines - GBC C800pro Comb Bind Electric Binder I used them about fifteen years ago when I worked in a print shop (the beginning of my descent into the copier world) and we could crank out several thousand bound reports on a night.

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    Re: Binding question

    The comb and spiral binders I have seen only accommodate 20-30 pages per punch pass.

    If you need high capacity as in "thickness", the only machine I have seen that can do this is a paper drill machine!:

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