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Thread: Windows 10

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    Windows 10

    Recently had a call on a bizhub 364e. Was taking forever to spool some jobs and refusing to print others. As best as could tell, the problem was in their network, but I lacked an explanation as to what it was. One of my IT guys then told me that when the new Windows 10 upgrades your system, it dumps your drivers and replaces them with their own "generic" type drivers and these are pieces of shit. They described it as like buying a book and finding half the pages missing. I found out that the customer had some of the computers on 8.1 and others on 10. I told them to have their IT people upgrade everybody to 10 and load proper drivers, then call back if the issue persist. That was a week ago and they haven't called back. Anyone else had any problems with 10? My guys advised me to wait a while and let Microsoft get all the bugs out before I upgrade
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    Re: Windows 10

    Any upgrade of a Windows OS should be managed. All newer PC's should have Windows 10 drivers available, and in a pinch Windows 8 and even Windows 7 drivers have worked without much issue. The generic drivers from Microsoft are provided by the manufacturer, but don't always have the same features of the full OEM drivers: they're there to make the machine work without flaking out as opposed to trying to give you a complete feature set.

    The only issues I've had looked to have been fixed by updates. The biggest one was that locking a computer didn't work: one resuming you'd have to enter your user name and password again. This drove some of my customers crazy. Other than that, it's mainly been little hiccoughs like AV being removed in the process of upgrading and the like.

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    Re: Windows 10

    Scanning to folder not working after Win10 update usually. Customer thinks an update to 10 is required because Microsharts is pushing hard to get everyone to update this time around. At least it's a free upgrade, unheard of with MS.


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