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    Sharp Training Center Closed?

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    Sharp Training Center Closed?

    Does anyone know if they closed their Illinois training center for good? I know the only instructor was laid off. Not sure what's going on with Sharp after their take over by FoxxCom. Some signs of cost cutting like changing their drum boxes to a generic box instead of having the model printed on it.

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    Re: Sharp Training Center Closed?

    What I was told was that they were going to have the DSS's teach the classes. But I would think they would have the on demand classes listed.

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    Re: Sharp Training Center Closed?

    I was there 2 weeks ago for training. They let John and Mike go. Angelita from Jersey was the teacher. They have no classes for the rest of the year. The lease on that office is up in the spring. At this point it is looking to me that it will definitely move and possibly close the training side of the office.


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