I am am independent service guy in Phoenix Az. I have been in the business for over 30 years and have extensive experience on all brands of copiers. I know several other independent guys here and one in Vegas and one in Salt lake city. I would like to start a organization just for independent guys to help and support each other. We face some unique challenges and those of us who have learned the hard lessons can lend a hand to those who are getting started and to share information with others and generally support each other. Also to share resources like vendor info and tech support.
Also to promote each others business as I often get referrals from people from my web site that are outside my aria asking to recommend someone in another state or even in another country.
If you are a small independent servicer and would like to help me start, or be a part of an organization like that, please send me a private message, with a brief bio and the location of your service aria and a return e-mail.