My company just upgraded from OMD to eAutomate a few months ago. From what I was told we were one of the last OMD users and were forced to "upgrade" our system. We are not using the remote tech function. We are a small shop with 8 field techs.

I was able to run a TV report on OMD that broke down the service calls by territory, customers,addresses, ect,ect.
I can go on and on about how this simple but complete report worked in the day to day flow of my service department. The report would also tell me if the call was "incomplete"and what part the technician ordered for that call.I was able to quickly review this report and question the tech on why he ordered this certain part if it seems off base or my parts manager on the availability.

This new eAutomate system now has me blinded. The only way I can see what parts were ordered is if the tech does not have it in stock or if its not in our warehouse stock . In addition to this we can't quickly review what parts were installed on a machine and at what meter reading. The past history on the OMD systems is quick and easy to review, now we have to go through pages and pages of reports.

We are stuck with this product for now. If anyone out there has figured out a way to generate a simple report like the OMD TV report I would be grateful. If anyone likes this eAutomate system over the older OMD system I would also like your input. I do like some functions of this system but overall it seems to be geared to a much larger company then the one Im working for.