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With a few notable exceptions I would expect the following categories:

Freshmen (0-3yrs): Starting from scratch, embarrassed by their lack of experience, unlikely to ask questions or participate.

Sophomore (3-7yrs): Comfortable with the equipment, feel like they already know everything so no need to ask questions or participate.

Juniors (7-15yrs): Have seen a few models they know well become obsolete, and have seen technology change enough to know that it is a moving target. Maybe it's time to admit that I don't know everything?

Seniors (15+yrs): Have forgotten more than the first three groups ever knew. Actually forgot almost everything. Definitely time to ask for some help.

The numbers might need some adjusting, but I think that covers the basic stages. =^..^=

Nailed it hehe. The young ones are just to busy being busy, mostly unnecessarily.
Ai the nostalgia.