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    Our sister branch, in a larger city, is averaging 6 calls a day per tech. We service Ricoh, Konica, Sharp, Panasonic, Canon, Mita brands. We are not pushed to achieve a certain quota, but we are pushed to go hard when the calls back up. We average 5-6 per day and we've often done 10 a piece if things go really well. We have 550 machines and two techs (very experienced and knowledgeable senior tech, leading a junior tech with an extensive background in networking and mechanical knowledge) and we keep things flowing pretty good this way.

    The boss is pretty good about not getting on our backs, but he can't find a third technician, even though he has advertised Canada-wide for the last year. So, we have a certain level of respect, being the last do-do birds.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Johnny Bravo View Post
    What process do you use to figure machines per tech?
    The 'If your ass is on fire and you've had to firefight for the last year and a half we need more techs' formula.

    I have also taken into account the negativity/lack of morale factor and another variable which I call the 'pointy haired boss quotient' which was inspired by a Dilbert cartoon strip.

    If I have left out any other variables please do let me know, the more variables that can be included in the formula will make it more accurate in it's outcome prediction.

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    I thought the formula was based on two guys dying in the same week ?

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    Minimum calls per day?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Johnny Bravo View Post
    What process do you use to figure machines per tech?

    This might not be perfect but it is what I have used for a while. see the definitions below.
    contract machines + billable machines = equipment base

    equipment base / field techs = machines per tech
    What they are:
    • contract machines = total machines under service contracts with your company.
    • billable machines = the number of billable machines your company has seen in the past 6-9 months. (I have moved the 6 month number out to nine months due to overall better running equipment needing less service).
    • Full Time Tech = field tech that work full-time on printers, copiers, or faxes, Do not include full time network or shop techs. A working service manager that does calls for half the day is .5 techs.

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    Hey guys... First post here, so...

    When working for Xerox years ago, it was like most have proclaimed their dealers are run. Sounds great on paper and the system works really well - in a larger city environment with enough techs to give coverage. Problems we always had was not enough techs, 3/4 of the year, and to much territory to cover. Problem being that we covered rural areas.

    Workload was assigned by the mothership (aka number of machines per tech) biased a few things; 1)Segments - Agents, like I was, was given everything analog and digital up to the 40 ppm family's. After that it was all directs. 2)Response Time - a.k.a TAT (target arrival time) This was how long it should take you to get to the customers office. I know all you know this term, but it does not factor in travel. Travel was never factored in! 3)Average repair time - How long it should take you to troubleshoot and make repairs.

    Techs were judged on many different variables ranging from your max response time, TAT, incompletes per day, parts usage which was broken down to dollar figure per day, reliability or return call rate, and last but not least customer surveys. Because of these numbers, you could see who was working and who wasn't, but at the same time, if a digital came up with a 1 hour response time and you were three hours away... well, your numbers for the day were going to be shot! And that happened most days, so it was really hard to stay ahead when playing the numbers game.

    That leads me to the current Savin dealer I work for. We are expected to get calls done, but the owners just want the machines fixed and fixed right. So if I have 8 calls lined up for that day, roughly 150 miles to travel and I get hung up at a call but able to walk away with it fixed or knowing exactly what needs to be ordered for it, then they are fine that I don't get them all done. I just make sure that I clean that machine really well so that when I come back, I don't have to worry about spending another 30 to 45 minutes cleaning on the thing.

    Anyway, glad I found this site the other. Another copier related thing to take up my time!

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    Working for the big boys as a trouble shooter specialist I did three calls a day. Regular tech four to five calls a day.

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