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    Quote Originally Posted by manuals4you View Post
    Don't feed the trolls
    Can we poison them, then?

    Some days you’re the dog, some days you’re the fire hydrant.

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    Can any laser printer/copier get a cost per page as low as inkjets?

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    Knock yourself out.

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    it doesn't matter. 1st of all we need to get back to basic math! $300 that he claims to pay for 50,000 * 4(there are 4 printheads and inks) = 2.4 cents per page....i don't care if you pay 1 cent for your paper or half..your ink is 2.4 cents. There are many Konica Minolta copiers out there that will do it at that cost without using aftermarket ink. Yes the machines cost more..or could find one cheap from a liquidator. so now a $25,000 machine becomes whatever you pay for it..maybe $600 (craigslist etc.) higher resolution and quality and the ability to offer many features that an inkjet can not do. If you want to print photo it is prob better to use inkjet because of saturation....(or crisp - laser)these machines are different animals and have different uses..whatever you can get the price down to..good for you. But i want to make sure everyone uses the same calulations with the same base 10 system i am used to.

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    I just have to add an additional comment. I went to Staples of all places last night to pass some time. I haven't been in such a place in a while and for good reason. Overpriced plastic crap galore.

    I wanted to check out some of the laser and inkjet machines. Amazingly they seem more expensive than in years past. Physically speaking some of the designs are sort of cool but most are very odd looking.

    As far as quality, they all sucked. The lasers were iffy but passable. Prints were alright but copies of the prints were horrendous.

    The inkjets, HP in particuliar were ok but I did notice that on one side of the text they were fuzzy. This is undoubtably the liquid ink saturating into the paper. Didn't have the crisp quality of lasers.

    The brother lasers were junk...couldn't even get solid black text.

    They still only serve one purpose and that is getting someone a working machine at a low entry point. They're very much disposable units. I find it interesting that Konica Minolta no longer sells through staples. It appears that they are distributing through dealers on their low end lasers.

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    In partial defende of the ink type, the paper is what dictates the quality. Too little ink and it comes washed out on the white paper. Too much and it saturates the paper's ability to absorb the ink. Thicker media, wax or plastic coated to suit the ink is typically what should be used to showcase the machine. Many "Staples" and similar type stores, the floor people ARE NOT familiar with the details...they are mostly run by people with the attitude, "the cheap paper is just as good". Those of us in the industry know those specifics are just plain wrong. It really depends on what you are trying to do. And with ink, you should be using suitable paper that absorbs well, but does not bleed.

    It is why I steer people away from those stores...they do not know paper, or very few do.

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    I have a B/W copier (60 pages a minute) that I service myself. It cost less then a 1 cent a page - not including the paper. Using original toner.
    I also have a color laser copier (25 pages a minute) that cost about 6 cent a page. At least. That is using original toner, and modified parts. A guess a larger machine will run cheaper.
    But it all depends on wether you use genuine toner and parts, and change parts in intervalls or when needed.

    I guess Memjet ( can be cheap. The Comcolor is probably cheap too.

    I paid 4 dollars a page on my Lexmark printer once. Best quality and full cover.. It was on of the most expensive ink jet printers around at the time (use.. not the price of the printer).

    If you can get ink jet at the priced you mentioned. Stick with it. It is dirt cheap.

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