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    Does it really cost more to print in color?

    I was wondering, when I calculate my cost to print in color I calculate as if as much of each color was used (5% coverage for all 4). But would printing in color use the same total quantity of all 4 colors as it would take to print the same thing in black and white?

    For example say it takes 10 grams of black toner to print 500 pages, would printing the same thing in color use 2.5 grams cyan 2.5 grams magenta 2.5 grams yellow and 2.5 grams black, or use 10 grams cyan 10 grams magenta 10 grams yellow and 10 grams black?

    I know this obviously depends on the print but I mean on average which case would it be closest to?


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    There are many factors you have over looked including cost of material and how the colour process works......

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    It depends on the color being used a red shade may use 5 parts magenta 1 yellow and 6 black and 0 cyan another red may use 10 magenta 0 yellow 7 black and 2 cyan. If the machine has the capabilities then see if it has a "pixel" counter. This will give you a better overall usage of toner then just the page count and approx coverage.

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    There are many other factors you should consider including the quality of ink and paper.

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    Defenately colored copy is much costly then the black and white, if colors in the original are more in number there is a more amount of color is needed.

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