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    220v Line Conditioners

    Anyone have any info / experience on 220v Line Conditioners and/or monitors. We have a site that has 8 135ppm Ricoh machines in one large room. A couple experience some odd behaviour - they won't hold toner density, will dust and trashes the DV early - less than 80k in some cases - when they're plugged into some specific outlets. Of course their electricians say it's our machines, but we move the machines around and the problem stays at the outlet. All power is coming from same source. Ricoh rep has been out twice and machines are deemed ok. We looked into the ceiling and saw that the 220v line goes right across some flourescent fixtures, but of course the electrician says that is no problem. I've told them to humor me and reroute the lines away from the fixtures. in case that doesn't do anything, I'm looking into Power Conditioners.

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    220v Line Conditioners

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    I have been using Tripp Lite LC2400 20 AMP Line Conditioners for years now on MFPs to good effect. They solve a lot of electrical problems when copiers act flaky. They make a low volume clicking noise as the work to correct the power. Approx $300.00

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