As I've often posted my Canon MF8350Cdn often drives me crazy as it's as un-user friendly as I could possibly imagine with ridiculous limitations added in making it even more of a pain to use.

I'd really like to get this one but with it's price I need to be making more money from laser prints than I am now for it to be worth it as it would now take me about 2 years to repay that from my laser printer related income which is very little now. It's $2800 for the base model at my local office store.

The main benefits would be:
-Extremely user friendly with a huge color touchscreen
-No silly limitations like my Canon machine such as a 99 page print limit or no double sided scanning
-3 times more prints per cartridge/refill
-25% lower cost per page
-50% faster (31 ppm in color)
-Better print quality
-HP's honest about first page out times, Canon says a few seconds, but the truth is the first print takes nearly 5 or more minutes. HP says "11 seconds from ready (truth emphasized by me), 16 seconds from sleep"

I'm thinking of printing and selling things like notepads, calendars, etc. as I just got a professional stack paper cutter that cleanly cuts a pile of up to 400 sheets in a single slice so I can easily make custom size prints. I should also look into printing business cards as that would certainly work too. I'll start some of those ideas with my Canon machine and if I see it works well I'll get that HP and sell the Canon.

And would there be a better choice in this price range?