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I have experience with both products and the argument could be honestly made for either one. Both of these products will do the job admirably. My real opinion is that you should not be focusing on the hardware. Ricoh, Konica and Canon products are the best out there without a doubt and the rest are lagging way behind. From a hardware standpoint you can't go wrong with any of them. The real choice you need to make is who the vendor is going to be, not the brand on the front of the box.

What's the vendor's reputation in your local community??? That is probably the best way to choose the equipment. If the vendor doesn't set up the machine so you get the maximum benefit from it, if they put the deal with a $h11tty leasing company, if it takes them a week to show up and replace a part, it won't much matter what brand of hardware you bought. Choice of vendor is 10X more important than the brand on the front of the box today.

You will find very few who will give you an unbiased opinion on brand of hardware as most in our industry are specifically trained on one or two particular brands. Hopefully what I have told you helps.
I agree 110% with you, your advice is genuine.