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    1. lines on the copies when going through a DF
    2. Jamming - most of the time the lady got one jam yesterday and called about it today.
    3. Really bad noise that made everyone have to leave the office in fear of their life. It never seems to make the noise when I am there and no one can even come close to describing what it sounded like or when it would happen (see Issue #2).

    Oh well, it beats punching a clock any day!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bullhead copy
    Ours seems to be jams related to a cheap ass owner who won\'t let me replace feed tires... second to printing issues caused by a very bad network admin on the customers part.

    we have a few customers like that too. they call us to fix the copier and we will fix it. we don't bother asking them, do you want me to do this?/do you want me to do that? we don't have time for that mess. they called for us to fix thier problem, so thats what we do, then we write out the ticket and send them the bill. they do bitch about it, but they always call back when they break down again.
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