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    admin or whomever VBulletin -- godaddy etc.

    We're looking to setup a forum to communicate with our customers, etc., on our newly launched e-commerce site. We were checking into VBulletin and noticed that most everybody, including CTN uses Vbulletin.

    We also almost solely use Godaddy for everything but heard of a lot of problems and other issues with VBulletin and the "uniqueness" of Godaddy and somehow the two don't get along.

    Anyone or the admin have any suggestions on what we should do? Everything but VBulletin is paid for with Godaddy...but I had seen some other domain/hosting companies that basically load Vbulletin for you on their servers so you don't have to do anything but pay for the hosting again.

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    admin or whomever VBulletin -- godaddy etc.

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    Stay away from Godaddy. Last year they made an 'upgrade' and it crashed my sites. They denied it. I've been moving all of my business away from them since. As my domain names come up for renewal, out they go to another registrar.


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    Re: admin or whomever VBulletin -- godaddy etc.

    #1. GoDaddy sucks big hairy donkey balls. stay away from them.

    #2. You get what you pay for, free stuff does not work if you want to have a real site.

    I will send you a few ideas via a PM along with a link to our hosting company. They have always done me right, that have great support, even on the basic plans, and enough free add-ons that you should be able to put together a pretty good site.

    Snap, Crackle, Aneurysm!


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