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    We drive our own personal vehicles and we JUST got our mileage bumped to .25 per mile. That is supposed to include wear and tear on the car, oil, tires and gas....not enough in my opinion but the owner thinks this is VERY generous.

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    FWIW, I received .25 per mile 11 years ago when I first started in this business.

    Unless you get a ton of other perks, like a free Costco card, lunches paid, tons of time off, and stuff like that, you're getting screwed with mileage (even with those types of perks you're still getting the raw end of that deal).

    The real problem with mileage is when you work in an area with a lot of traffic and you travel 20 miles in one day, yet it's really like 40 or so miles because of all of the stop/starts/idling and other waste you're dealing with. Distance driving is the best for that, but even at .25 per mile, it's tough to get a check to truly justify what you're doing for the company.

    I get a monthly flat rate, which is extremely generous, and I get it whether I drive or not. In the summer, it's really slow, but throughout the year it picks up a bit. My point is that when a place really looks out for you, they don't try to nickel-and-dime you to death.

    My situation is different, but they still want to make sure I'm taken care of, so I don't get frustrated and want to get the hell out.

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    Hellooooooo! Tell me if your getting screwed. IRS allows .55 cents/ mile.

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    I'm pretty happy with my company car. I do a lot of car shows with it on the weekends.

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    .55 cents a mile. Anyone under .40 a mile is crazy when you account for insurance, maintenance, totally dirtying your car inside and out, and ever-rising gas prices! Plus I get a $40 cell phone allowance. Stand up for yourselves if it truly is a business expense!!

    driving a 2000 ford exploder, about to die... I work for a really small company so they rely on me being able to fit copiers.

    Say you drive 1000 miles a month, in five years you have made $24000 @ .40 cents a mile. Half of that was spent in gas, another two thousand on maintenance, another 7000 on covering your own insurance. And you are losing about 8,000+ out of your pocket for the depreciated resale price on your car when you sell it.

    Bottom line, you should never ever spend your money on the company. My good friend is paying $850 a month for his car because he owed 12,000 still when he needed a new car!!

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    In KM Calgary, we all use personal vehicles. We get 600/month car expenses. Covers insurance and car payment with sometimes enough left over for maintenance. Depends mostly on the individual and what their situation is with insurance and cost of car payments. The guys who do out of town work get .25 per km (that is about 40c/mile) but no allowance. If I do any out of town calls, anything that will accrue more than 60Km round trip, I get 15 cents per km. And of course, I can claim expenses at the end of the year at tax time.

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