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    Re: Canon or Minolta

    In my humble opinion, both are ok, as well as some other manufacture's equipment. To me, here are the things to check out before making a decision. Obviously, price is important. Another factor is operating cost. What does it cost you to produce a black and white page as well as color page. Usually, the machine cost is close between most manufacturers. But the operating cost can be very different. I have always been told Konica Minolta has a high operating cost, but don't take my word for it, check it out. If you go with a maintenance agreement, which I would assume covers everything except paper, you can compare operating cost between the different machines. I say all of this because I have seen a lot in my 30 years in the industry. Now that cost is covered, lets talk about support. Without good support, it does not matter what you get. Make sure you will be getting the support you require.

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    Canon or Minolta

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    Re: Canon or Minolta

    Quote Originally Posted by fauzsp View Post
    The Scanning device display says Please Hold out then it goes dark. The printing device does go through the start stage any longer. It said that I had a reduced spend skin toner. I vacant it again like to individual where we purchased from said. Can someone tell me what's incorrect. I also changed the red drum in it several weeks ago and convert it off several weeks ago now it will not go into prepared method. Please, get in touch with at your very first comfort at with your alternatives. Thank you very much.
    Try posting a brand new thread/post in the appropriate forum(by brand name). Include the make & model of your machine to receive help.

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    Re: Canon or Minolta

    The answer depends on who's servicing, even a new machine can have problems. 10 years ago i would say canon without a doubt.No longer!!! Bamboo under the nails. km sorry canon get your sheet together.

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    Re: Canon or Minolta

    Personally I'd go with a Kyocera.

    Our company has been servicing/selling, selling off-lease Ricoh/Savin machines and "THEY ARE A B*ITCH" on the cost of parts and downtime, not to mention not all the parts are in the kit that "should be".

    Ricoh/Savin uses organic photo conductor material whilst Kyocera uses an amorphous silicon which I believe they stated is 98% the hardness of diamond or thereabouts!

    Ricoh/Savin dings you on parts and downtime to fix the machine. Example-fuser rebuild.

    Kyocera, you buy a fuser for around $250 and slap it in, reset the PM count and you're ready to go.

    Time is $.

    PS-had a Kyocera travelling tech rep tell me that the most recent "01" series of TaskAlfa machines are rock solid.


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