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    we install 5 user setup on install of new equipment(which includes printer/ scan to file and email) while we are installing all these options we are showing the network administrator or their network IT guy how to setup. Anything after that we bill at$200.00 an hour written into contract to avoid the " call the copier guys they will fix it for us" syndrome.

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    I custom write each contract. This ensures I address each clients issues and concerns as well as cover our perverbial behind.

    In regard to bill rates...well it largely depends on market size and location. I regularly billed $200+ in the Baltimore/D.C. Market for various types of Netwaork and IT service. I am now located in eastern NC and those rates will NOT fly. There are too many one man contractors who bill $60+ to compete with.
    Your bill rate should reflect what the market will bring and the level of experience you bring to the contract.

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    We have a $50 standard call out fee (keep in mind all my prices are in AUD) and we charge $150/h on top of that. Because of my IT background, i am able to offer our clients a degree of 'extra' service outside of what im employed to do. As far as im aware my bosses dont mind, as long as im not spending too much time doing things i wasnt sent there to do. Most of the time its mainly being able to troubleshoot their network etc as to why things wont work or work properly. Something i do hate though is when i have to teach an "IT guy", the person who is being PAID to look after their computers and networks, the basics of networking and reasons WHY things on the copier are like they are (we mainly deal in Kyocera). *sigh* and it makes me wonder why i had to go into this line of work to be able to work around computers and equipment. But yeah, AUD$50 c/o and AUD$150/h thereinclusive.

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    Our service contracts only cover the machines operation.

    All connectivity or I.T support is charge out at a hourly rate on mid to large business customers that have their own inhouse or external I.T support.
    We see this as doing a job that inhouse or external I.T departments should be doing so we have no problem charging our time out.
    The purchase alot of the time has little to do with the people you are dealing with and they don't really care about the occuring cost they just want everything up and running.

    We will normally wave a connectivity charge at intitial installation of a machine for a small business or a home office customer.
    These sales are alot more personal and it's not viable for returning trade to charge to setup one or two workstations with printing and scanning.

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    Quote Originally Posted by S.O.S. View Post

    In regard to bill rates...
    Is that the dobber from Microsuck.....???

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