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    Third party work

    Has anyone dealt with copier .just curious right now

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    Re: Third party work

    Quote Originally Posted by tomcatt View Post
    Has anyone dealt with copier .just curious right now
    I talked to them to find out how much they charged for leads, and I did not like it. Didn't like the whole idea, actually.

    Frankly, I don't want to pay a fee when anyone can find me doing a simple web search. They're just middlemen trying to get a piece of my already tiny independent business owner pie, and cluttering search engines. I have flat out refused to do it.

    They'll probably have a shill rebut me and say how great it is, but whatever. I would encourage all business owners large and small to NOT cooperate. The fewer of us who do, the more likely they'll go away and stop getting between us and our customers.

    I have done third party work for a couple companies, but that's not the question you asked.

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    Re: Third party work

    No shills here. Ran into one of these once and quickly ran in the other direction.
    After calling a customer of theirs, no answer, a person called me back from a different number. They explained that the "service" charged them PER CALL to the first number I called and went on to tell me not to waste my time.

    Failing to plan is planning to fail!!!

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    Re: Third party work

    Tomcatt -

    I've been approached by them several times. Their business model is sound... but you don't need it. PM me if you want to know how to get all the business they WOULD send you for absolutely free... assuming you're looking for copier/printer repair business.


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