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Thread: 24/7 service

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    24/7 service

    Does anyone provide 24/7 service, we have an account willing to pay for it but I'm not sure how to work on-call pay and how they would get in touch with the on call tech

    any recommendations?

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    24/7 service

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    If I remember the terms correctly, for On-Call the tech received $25 per day (called out or not), and 1 1/2 X wages from the time he left home to the time he arrived back home.

    So if your tech makes $12 per hour, and he's been called out for a total of 2 hrs, 25 + 36 = $61

    It seems fair to me.


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    I guess you could have a 'on call' mobile phone.

    First off the biggest problem is having your tech's agree to being 'on call' in the first place.
    Personally I would be after extra pay for just being on call and carrying the phone regardless if I received any call outs.
    And then of coarse I would want a enhanced hourly rate for every call out attended.
    Something like time and half for weekday evenings and double time for any weekend work.

    From a administrative point of view I would not include a 'out of hours' service into any type of service contract either, I would make it a purely chargable affair.
    Customers will be less likely to screw you around if they know they have to pay a call out charge and hourly labour rate.
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    It'll be even tougher if the on call tech has to replace any parts!!!!

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    have them buy a 1820 for a backup copier ,printer ,fax
    your done

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    i would hate to give a figure that would be fair to tech with out seeing customer contract. but he/she should see something for being on call. and then additional if called out.Tech also needs to understand, that it can not interfeer with his normal weekly schedule. also, if tech goes out late sunday/early monday and has to order a part, not fair to regular tech if parts calls are thrown on him during week.

    if customer will buy extra box as backup , then let them. other wise maybe techs have closet at customer site with used loaner in it. as well as small list of parts. customers needs to understand for emergencies not pm's.

    get a pager, let techs that are on call carry, and pass off to next tech. i would think depending on how many volunteers, on call by week, or 3 on 4 off type schedule.
    i would want opinions from my volunteers, since they will be each others back up. also lets them be important.
    on call pay, then comp time of times 2 when on a call, from house to house.
    the less number of volunteers, i would expect the more $ when on a call.
    let us know what u decide

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