Back in the day, I bought a keyboard with an embedded page scanner. It came with Paperport software. Paperport had a lot of features that I liked a lot then, and and I used it for years. If it still exists and has the features I liked when I was using it, I might heartily endorse it.
The problem that kills this though is after I ran out of money to update my Paperport license (and my trusty old XP machine expired), I lost the ability to access those scans. D'oh. Paperport used a proprietary file structure for the scans I made with it during that time, and the older versions of Paperport don't work with the newer versions of Windows. As such, I've flushed the entire lot of that out the exhaust port and have no interest in it anymore.
So the lesson learned is: No matter how wonderful this sort of software is, proprietary is something to avoid unless you will support the license for the software for all of eternity.