Hi there.
I am a partner in an independent company. I have a huge issue with the partner, but don't know a solution
we mainly lease and sell mfps, and keep service outside of the lease.we have monthly and annual contracts.
The partner is upsetting customers by not getting them an extra toner upon request. We end up losing some contract s because of this. For example, customer only has 2k left on ma, they would like a backup toner. He makes them pay for the contract 1st...he may be technically correct, that we are not legally bound there. The problem is most people are not used to this, and it's just bad business. I've told him that the risk of giving out a $30 toner and someone cancelling is very low, and the risk of losing these contract s is much higher.
Does anyone have a way around this?
I can just require all leases include service, but this can look too expensive.
You can't send em a partial toner.
Thanks in advance!