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    service agreement help

    I am an independent, with an issue with my partner. I thank anyone in advance.
    Problem: Partner keeps denying "backup" toners to ma customers. Most of our customers pay monthly or annually. His reasoning is "they only have 2k left on their contract, but the toner is good for 20k." Technically he is correct, but the risk of someone running off with a toner is so low(and chump change) vs the cost of losing $500+/yr. accounts, because this person won't get them the darn toner. It's a no brainer to me, but can't get it through to him.
    I have tried incorporating service into the lease, but it appears to costly. It's like penny wise dollar foolish. If anyone could help me, I would greatly appreciate it.

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    service agreement help

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    Re: service agreement help

    1- if you are not suppling toner to a customer on contract then you better be 100% sure that when they run out and phone for more that it is delivered right then so someone has to be avalable to deliver 24/7. if there is 2k left on a contract you should already be in contact with customer to renew contract. to me it a no brainer to have toner in customers office and if they do not renew contract you could always have a clause stating you will bill for remaining toner in there office , just my early morning thoughts

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