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    Question 3D printers arena

    OK I know we are all toner on paper techs here. But I was wondering have any of you gotten into or thought of getting into the 3D printing arena? i have brought the idea up to my service director and a couple others in our company. i think this market is going to explode in the next couple of years. But to jump into this would be something completely different for us. The investment would be very sizeable and the time to turn a profit will probably be long. So i am just wondering, have any of your companies made the leap yet, or are they planning to?

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    Re: 3D printers arena

    I'm just starting out as an Independant. I have thought about going into 3D printers an other 3D routing gear.
    I would like to see where the market leads an if there is any real investment return.
    If I wait I play it safe with small returns, if I leap in early I can increase investment return by leading.

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    Re: 3D printers arena

    This is a new technology. One that looks quite promising at the moment to be sure. But sometimes things that look very promising at first just fade away (I'm looking directly at you, Canofile!).
    Also, as the 3D printing industry is very new, some manufacturers need additional time to refine their design, so thoughtful evaluation is probably needed before getting into the field.

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    3D printers arena

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    Re: 3D printers arena

    the company I work for is a reseller for Makerbot 3D printers and I support them. Very cool stuff!!!!! There is a ton of info on the interweb for 3D printing.I've found links to where you can buy parts or kits to make your own 3D printer. There are also 3D scanners to be had. With the scanner you can create a 3D image of many things to "Make"......

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    Re: 3D printers arena

    Standard xerographic usage is based on price per click/page.

    I would think that 3D printing would be based on price per linear foot of raw material that is used for the 3D printing process!

    It could be have a base price and then have multiplier based on the type of material which is being used in the printing process!


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