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    RAK - rapid-assessment-key

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    RAK - rapid-assessment-key

    Anyone used this system?

    What are the pros and cons?

    Simple feedback please. Thanks.
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    RAK - rapid-assessment-key

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    Re: RAK - rapid-assessment-key

    Quote Originally Posted by habik View Post
    Anyone used this system?

    What are the pros and cons?

    Simple feedback please. Thanks.

    I have one , It work very well to get counters and consumption for network connected machines (if you want send me a private message and I'll send you sample reports) .

    Pro and con's will depend on what do you want to achieve.

    For simple page consumption and audit of all "network" installed machines ( on a site) , it will do well...plug in run the program and in seconds you start seeing the data being populated. The down side is that it does not get the Local (USB/Parallel port) connected machines.

    if you want to have a period (a month) average consumption , for a MPS project or else , using this tool is not optimal , as one normal goes back after a month to run a second query (in order to calculate the consumption) , but if a machine was not connected/Powered on on the first scan , you will get wrong (incomplete reading) . In this case is better to install and run the Facilities Manager on the customer site. Print Audit provides it on a trial basis and you can run the app for 2 months and see the the daily progression of the site . It will also let you set up Smart Alerts where you could have a idea on how much down time the devices are having, toner consumption and etc.
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