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    Re: Is there a 'Pen Drill'?

    In my earlier post on this subject i made a link to a manual drill tool. This is great for plastic and don't let the size fool you, this tool gets the job done. it can get in places a drill cannot and more.
    Having said that , i am shop based now and use a combo set i asked my boss to purchase. Its a porta cable 12v combo set. comes with drill and driver, bag, two battries and lithium. These are awesome, i hardly ever use my 8 inch number 2 anymore, i always reach for those. I have modified the bit system to have a reach of about 10 inches which i can shorten at will. I also use the driver more than the drill to REMOVE AND INSTALL screws, Yes install also. The torque on this tool is great and if one is carefull on how to use it, will never strip even on plastic. i use in on plastic at will. see lowes website for the specs on this combo.

    Ocassionly i go out on calls, and although my tool bag is now disoriented, [ as i have some on the bench and in the bag] i reach for the driver first.
    The chuck on the drill can hold even a needle, so its usefull and if i have to go back in the field [ lord forbid ] these two is a must have. the driver definitely in my bag and the drill in the car. the driver is a bit of weight, but what it does more than compensate for the job time and satisfaction. It also has a light .
    I do a lot of rebuilds at the shop and use these tools quite a lot, and the battery last about three weeks before it recharges. recharge time is about 20-30 minutes.
    bought it on sale for 99 dollars at lowes two years ago and well worth the money.

    You also get to use it for around the house and don't forget the carrrrr.

    My intention to start a thread on tools for the trade.

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