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Thread: Question No. 2

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    Re: Question No. 2

    As far as gluing fingers together with super glue, I keep some rubbing alcohol nearby when I use the stuff. If I ever get the glue on my hands, I just douse it with some alcohol and it sets up instantly. Then I just have to deal with a hardened bit of superglue on my hands.
    I think alcohol weakens the bond of superglue though, so it probably isn't appropriate to use when you are actually gluing things together.

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    Question No. 2

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    Re: Question No. 2

    We have a tech that super glued his fingers to an original cover; he stood there for awhile asking walk up customers if they needed to make a copy, and would lift the cover so they could make a copy. I think he left a bit of his finger to the OC.

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