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    3) What is the estimated life of a copier?

    I received this question in an email, obviously it was question #3.

    I started my email reply stating that for 20 years of servicing copiers, parts availability and service plays a huge factor, as I've seen copiers on the field as long as parts are made for them. But then I googled it and came across a blog that the average turn over for midsized copiers 40-60ppm is 3 to 5 years. I got stuck and did not reply yet. I'm curious to know your take.

    How would you answer the following question....

    What is the estimated life of a copier?

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    Re: 3) What is the estimated life of a copier?

    I've always gone with the logic that copiers don't age as much by years as they do by impressions, much like a cars and miles. Ricoh at least has always given an expected lifetime for their machines, using the older 35/45 series as an example: the recommended lifetime was around a million pages.

    So long as proper maintenance is done, and the machines are used in their recommended volumes, some boxes may just last for years beyond parts retirement. I have one customer who still swears by his 1027 and 2027 fleet and will not replace them until they completely die.

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    Re: 3) What is the estimated life of a copier?

    Its based on the SLA terms i would say the standard term is 60 months buts now trending to 36 months. So it should be around 5 years plus. If say a brand releases a new machine and it sells for 3 years and the SLA is for 60 months that would put the minimum time the machine is supported at 8 years.

    Like the Di152 i worked o the other day was still with the customer after 15 years and going strong, all the PM parts are available because of electronic advancements on close to exactly similar engine design and layout.

    Other machine just stand the test of time like Oce machines that are 25 plus years old and still fully suppoted.

    So i would say for you common office MFP should be max 8 years.


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