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    inventory/dispatch software

    hey guys, we are having issues with our current software, we are looking for a STABLE software that we can manage inventory of equipment and parts, dispatch, meter reads/billing.

    powers that be are looking at Miracle (don't remember rest of it) (service master), don't think OMD is in our scope. we have about 600 machines in field and looking for something to manage the fleet.

    any suggestions to persue?


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    Re: inventory/dispatch software


    I had to skill-up to do this recently. This app is supper small and super stable.
    It can run the books and do equipment contracts with 4 counters, stock handling plus workshop/repair functions.

    Its cheap and very versatile you can just use the stock and workshop function if that is what u want.

    U have up to 20 stock locations so u can assign a location to the different technicians to keep track of boot stock.

    I dont know if they would change the primary currency from R to $.

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    Re: inventory/dispatch software

    I have extensive experience on both OMD (character and Vision) and also E-Automate. If I were tasked with purchasing and administering any dealer management software I would go with E-Automate. Set up correctly, it is ideal for ALL aspects of day to day dealership management. Oracle uses too many plug-ins and OMD is as expensive as Oracle. I would go with E-Automate. It is a SQL based software and will help you run your dealership with a minimum of personnel once set up correctly. As for meter gathering/reporting, I use FM Audit. Like ALL meter reporting software products it DOES NOT cover every single piece of connected equipment (USB installs, non networked devices, etc.) but I collect ninety percent of my meters remotely and just send a junior tech to get the rest every month.

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    inventory/dispatch software

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    Re: inventory/dispatch software

    we use a program called jim2 it covers only the copier industry ,meter readings, stock control and financial control .it will cost machine expenses letting you know which machines are making a loss or profit.
    not cheap but excellent .i couldnt give the address of the company that sells this program but it is called happen and the do have a web site
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