Hello lads,

we received recently a used Canon Advance c5235i copier. It is doing everything fine but one thing:
When you copy from A4r to A3 or any direction of A4 paper it is mis-positioning the copy. Please see photo attached.
advc5235i a4r problem.jpg
On A3 tried zoom 141%, Auto, Fit to Page, all....
The copier is recognising the A4R original on ADF and the correct paper sizes and directions in the tray automatically.

We had this same problem with another Canon model before but there resetting the RCON solved the problen.
Now we did reset the RCON, changed the ADF control board, initialised all setting, updated firmware ....no joy.

One more thing: from the glass with the same settings the problem doesn't occur. All the other ratios, paper orientations are OK.
Any clues please?