I am new to this forum I could use some help. I am just learning the technical side of copiers. I am not very knowledge on networking. I have a Canon ir105 and an M1 image pass. I have downloaded the Windows 10 drivers from the canon european website for PS and PCL. I have installed them on my Win 10 laptop. I have connected the M1 to the Canon IR 105. I can print test pages and logs from the M1 and when the Canon 105 boots it prints a start page. I also connected an xp machine and a parallel cable and it acted like the the file went to a print que and started to run then stopped.

I have read the setup guide it is pretty weak. I have the 4 original cds and 4 books on operating the machine.

My question is what is the simplest way to connect/print predominantly pdf's from my laptop to the Canon 105. It doesnt have to be on a network. I wouldnt mind mind putting on network. if you know where i can find good info on my questions I would appreciate any help. My second question is what are good preventive maintenance things to do to make the machine last/run better? Third question is this a good machine and how long will they last? It has 1.3 million clicks. My fourth question is--will it be worth it to attach a saddle stitch finisher to it?
Thanks again for all your help.