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    #753 when scanning to email

    I saw another thread about this problem but I wondered if anything else was out there.

    Customer told me their email wasn't working. I checked the send log after attempting to send

    an email and saw all of the errors were this same #753.

    I know it says check network cable and connections but the odd thing about it is that the machine

    prints and just fine. No problems pinging it. They have another Canon machine with the same email settings and

    it works fine. I brought the machine into our shop. Hooked it up to our network, loaded our Go Daddy email settings

    and it works fine. However if I use their email settings or my yahoo account settings it errors out..#753..I verified

    that all the email settings are correct. I have another machine right beside it with my yahoo settings in it and it sends

    fine. I was thinking possibly a problem with the NIC card however on this IR3035 it is built in to the Main Controller.

    I don't want to order one unless there is no other option.

    Any thoughts?

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    Re: #753 when scanning to email

    If it works fine in your shop I don't see that it would be the board!

    did you swap cables and port sockets with the machine next to it at the customers?



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