I puchased a Copy counter device so i could count how many copies are being made on the copy machine. I cant figure out where all the wires go so please help me out.

theres mainly 4 wires to hookup.

i got one wire which is for the Constant +24vdc to the Main CPU board.

second wire is for Pulsed +24vdc~0vdc for the paper cassette, Paper feed pickup Clutch or Solenoid, Exit Sensor or Registration Clutch.

The last 2 remaining wires are for the Interlock Switch or similar to put the copy machine in a state so it wont be accessible to other till the switch is flipped to enable it. somewhat of a standby mode. The Interlock switch is not the most important thing of my worries right now. more of the Counting function. is you can help me then it is greatly appreciated.