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Thread: IPR C6000

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    IPR C6000

    Hi ,

    i have a problem with IPR c6000,showing these errors e00065-101 ,i changed primary charger unit,drum unit but no changes and also one more issue is happening if we try switch off and On error will change to e014-100 again we swich off and on error will back to old

    actually we are servicing time machine was shown E260-1018 after that we tried to check the connection with main engine to fuser area only that error is gone.

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    IPR C6000

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    Re: IPR C6000

    E014, 0100 error code would be displayed when the primary fixing unit began to rotate. ????


    Replaced the Fixing Belt Assembly: FM2-2215-000. The Fixing Belt Assembly needs to be rebuilt every 300k for LTR size or 195K for 11x17 or larger. The parts required for this service are in the 300K QA Kit: F02-5904-000.

    E260 1018 error code.
    Service Manual lists the codes as:
    E260-10xx (24V/12V)
    xx = 18 Primary transfer high-voltage PCB (M)

    A small 24V connector that went to the M Primary transfer HVT was found to be disconnected. After connecting the the two ends, the machine came up to ready with no additional error codes.

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    Re: IPR C6000

    E065-0100 - Most likely you have a broken connector/broken to the potential measuring unit in the yellow process assembly.

    Check out the multicolor cable that is above the cables connecting the drum assembly to the process assembly. Just right of where the removable protective glass piece for the laser (you know, the ones you clean alot).

    If not that is ok, I would order a potential measuring unit. Though it's usually cable broken.


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