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    Canon IR C5051 toner levels

    Hi Guys.

    I got two c5051's used. Replaced C5185's. Simple question I just can't find an answer to. Trying to figure out how to monitor the consumable levels. 5185 gave a bar with levels left under consumables on the panel. 5050 just says "OK". The 5050 web interface does show bars, but I'm not sure it functions the same (the bars all show full). Black and cyan were low in one and panel said needed replacement. Using your instructions to unlock the doors on the other machine with full ones, I swapped the two between the two machines. So now the black and cyan toner cartridges that were low and needing replacement are in the other machine. However it now shows them OK.

    I assumed if I put low/empty ones in, it should immediately show them as low needing replacement. But they didn't.

    I'd also like to be able to check current levels for ordering purposes, but it doesn't seem to give this info.

    Any input or is this machine not going to give this info accurately like the 5185?

    Thank you, Brian

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    Re: Canon IR C5051 toner levels


    The document below will make you understand how the toner level detection works.


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    Canon IR C5051 toner levels

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    Re: Canon IR C5051 toner levels

    Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE C5051/C5045/C5035/C5030 e-Manual - Checking the Status of Consumables

    Advanced Toner Remaining Levels now only show as ;
    OK= 100% > 6%
    Low= 5% > 1%
    Empty = 0%
    U can view Toner counters.

    You can set the machine to display a message indicating that the remaining toner is low. This message is useful because it gives a user plenty of time to check their toner stock, and ensure the availability of replacement toner.

    Press * → [Preferences] → [Display Settings] → [Display Remaining Toner Error Message].

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    Canon IR C5051 toner levels

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    Re: Canon IR C5051 toner levels

    These toner bottles dont have couter chips so simply removing & reinserting a toner will reset the counter to full regardless of how much was remaining

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