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    IRadvc3320/3330 & 35xx


    we got called to a customers premises the other day as he was unhappy with his billing. He got a bill with alot more clicks than he was expecting. He did some initial investigations himself and informed us that his IRadvc3320 was double clicking. So 2 techs went over as we were quiet and we checked. Single A4 mono from the glass and indeed the meter which was set to 109, clicked twice. We changed it to meter 113, small black and once again it clicked twice, this was also the same on printing, so we knew it just wasnt a driver issue. We then tried auto colour, from the glass A4, and the bk A4 Meter clicked once but the A4 colour meter clicked once also, so getting another double click.

    We went back to the warehouse to check on a IRadvc3330 and exactly the same happened, also on a IRadvc35 series machine, cant remember the exact model. All the firmware is updated to the latest version.

    Has anyone noticed this or are the newer models set in a way that need something changing in service mode? Baffled by this big time.

    tks Munstertech

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    Re: IRadvc3320/3330 & 35xx

    102 and 109 are totals for large, so 109 should go up by two only if you do 11x17.

    Are you sure that it's not on duplex somehow?

    Also, in service mode I think under copier>option>user CNT-SW should be set to 1 if you are using 102/109...not sure if it's 0 or 2 to set for 101/108.


    Irc2880 copy counter ??

    See this post above by Teckat about this - not exactly the same but might shed some light on your issue.


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