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    Lightbulb Advice on choosing Heavy Duty

    Hello Friends,

    I'm Planning to Buy Heavy duty Canon B/W copier for my Print shop. All i get is Reconditioned Machine here in India. I'm thinking of 2 Machines iR7095 or Adv iR8095 both are reconditioned ones. Which Machine shall i go for? Which will be hassle free and Long lasting.

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    Re: Advice on choosing Heavy Duty

    Both models are good, speed wise the slower machine will last longer for parts but of course print slower, faster machine, more wear on parts, all depends as well on how you use the device
    Canon BW is a lot better than their older colour models
    Provided they are advance series devices you should see trouble free operation
    make sure they're properly refurbished

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    Re: Advice on choosing Heavy Duty

    Both machines are very good. The 8000 series uses a Dual Developer roller. This can make a diff when heavy solids are needed with the best deep and consistent quality. In other words, the dual roller can keep up with heavy coverage better than the 7095. This would be helpful if you are printing a lot of books or manuals with pictures.

    The difference is small though really and it depends if the material is to help a customer who just spent 30.000 or $100.


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