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    Impact of Disabling SMBv1

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    Impact of Disabling SMBv1

    Due to the recent releases of the ransomeware WannaCry/Wannacrypt/Petya cryptoworms customers maybe disabling the Server Message Block (SMB) v1 protocol on their networks at the recommendation ofvarious security vendors and Microsoft. Disabling the SMBv1 protocol is not necessary on systems patchedwith MS17 010, however, customers are taking the extra steps to prevent the spread of these ransomewareworms.

    If disabling the SMBv1 protocol is done as an extra precautionary step to prevent the spread of thecryptoworm, it will have a negative effect on systems that rely on the SMBv1 protocol for transferringdigital scans to or printing from Windows systems. Many Canon device models rely on SMBv1 for thistransport of digital files for Universal Send, some Software Solutions and SMB printing.

    Customers thathave disabled SMBv1 in response to the WannaCry/Wannacrypt Cryptoworm on Windows systems used totransfer files will cause certain Canon devices that do not support later versions of SMB to be unable tosend scans or print.

    see attach

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