Posted this sorta in another similar thread regarding B200 on Canons, and was told either printhead or motherboard. Thought I would post here what I already did and ask a few questions.

From what I can tell on youtube etc, there is a method where u power off w
the carriage centered which cures it alot of the time, however not in this case. From there the printhead, then
the motherboard is the flow of things I guess. Found some videos where they clean the head w water, which I just did by
letting it soak overnight, and no ink is coming out of it anymore which is a good sign and I can see daylight thru
the jet holes now where I could not before.

The print head part No = QY6-0078 and on utube theres some vide showing it
cleaned with steam, and also a Russsian video shows how to block a couple of pads with tape I guess to clear the
error code and at least get the machine into the main menu to do a cleaning. Also they say that Canon purposely flags this
error code after a certain number of page counts to basicly force u to buy a new printer. Another page I found said R301 on
the mainboard could be out of value and cause this problem.

So I just put the cleaned out head back in, and got the B200 again. Next tried pulling power with the carriage just past halfway,
w the cover open and it did say "processing" on the display, the carriage made some new maneuvers, then it stopped kind of near the left
center with 3 of the LED's blinking in front of their respective cartridges. I am guessing this means they need replacing? If so, will this
need to be done before the B200 error can be cleared ?

If not, then I guess the head is maybe "electricly" damaged as some of the utube videos have suggested. Do these heads actually have electronics
inside them that go bad so often? I suppose the user could have taken out the head and due to improper ESD precautions, blown some of the sensitive
microelectronics inside, but Im having a hard time seeing what the electronics would do to regulate ink flow.