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    pdf timeout error 852

    I have a customer who has been having pdf prints occasionally freeze the 4245. The job will show in the que and the processing light will flash but it will not print, will just stay at that point. I have replaced the HDD and additional memory a few weeks ago but it has come back. Error 852 is the code, but that is likely as they reboot the device to print. They are using port 9100, and it is random pdfs that won't print. Once rebooted the same document will print so I don't see a "poison" file. Hoping someone can help me sort through this, thanks!

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    pdf timeout error 852

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    Re: pdf timeout error 852


    An error occurred because the main power was turned OFF due to an unspecified cause while a job was being processed.
    Check that the power plug is firmly inserted into the power outlet, and that it is not in a state where the power can easily be turned OFF. Try processing the job again, if necessary. (See "Main Power and Control Panel Power.")
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