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    Re: Canon IR 3225 and 3235 both jamming J1011-01

    Quote Originally Posted by Coptech View Post
    Understood. I actually thought about the pads and did check them for sticking. The problem is opposite what my experience with sticking pads was. They used to jam after sitting awhile but once they broke free, seemed to work until they got a chance to stick again. Still, very good info and it is on my list to check. Removing the finisher will be a bit more time involved. It is almost like it runs awhile, something starts to "jump time", and nicks the pages, and shortly after that, it is enough to create the jam. I just can't believe that two machines in two different rooms but maybe 15-20 feet apart came up with the exact same oddball problem at the exact same time. strange huh?
    Is it strange? Or does that indicate customer has caused this issue, check for something out of place that a customer may do removing a jam, that seems much more likely then a coincidence?

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    Re: Canon IR 3225 and 3235 both jamming J1011-01

    Customer has a healthy fear of the machines. They will call me to install toner. I don't mind. I tried putting a spacer under the spring loaded upper guide on finisher entrance where it starts it's "rolling" on the more troubled machine. Will see if it changes anything but that doesn't really explain the noise unless it is coming from delayed finisher entrance...I thought and don't believe I will be able to remove finisher as I think there are exit flags and sensors that are removed when finisher is installed. I don't have old flags to put on it to run without the finisher. Will keep you posted on results and appreciate the suggestions.

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