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    Canon IRA C5535 Coin op

    I am looking to know if anyone knows what settings need to be made to correctly charge for both color and BW copies.
    The machine charges correctly 10 cents for a BW copy.
    The machine also works for 50 cents color, but if you put 10 cents in you can make as many color copies as you want for no charge.

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    Re: Canon IRA C5535 Coin op

    There was a connection on IR advanced Canon models that had separate lines for color but it worked as you've described. If there was only enough money for bw it would only send a charge signal when a bw copy was made. Sorry I don't have a solution for you. We tried to get it to work for us but were never able to. We brought it to Canon's attention years ago but it appears they have never addressed it. I believe it was more designed for a blackboard type card reader than a coin unit. Our solution is a serial based interface. If you're interested, you can check out the Jamex 9557 at our web site.
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    Canon IRA C5535 Coin op

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    Re: Canon IRA C5535 Coin op

    I think this would be a coin-op setting, not so much a copier setting. Making sure you have the correct harness for make/model of your machine.

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