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    Talking ir 5570 error e000025-0002

    Please help resolve this error e000025-0002..

    I would greatly appreciate if you could tell me how to solve it please thanks

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    E025-0002 iR5570

    E025-0002 Error Code was displayed because the toner bottle was not fit security during installation; however, this symptom could be resolved by re-fittning the bottle.
    - E025-0002 Error Code can be displayed when over current is detected in the toner bottle motor.
    When the symptom has occurred, re-fit the toner bottle; if the symptom still occurs, remove the toner bottle
    Service mode > COPIER> Function > PART-CHK > MTR > enter "22" > MTR-ON > OK. If the motor is free from problems, it operates for 20 sec, and stops. If it does not operate replace the toner bottle motor with a new one.
    FK2-0015 DC Motor

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    otherwise check also the developing unit. if the dev. unit drive gear is heavy to rotate manually an error 0025 is also triggered......
    Just came out from hybernation.....

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    After checking both motors (there are 2) - check FU15 on main board. The fuse was our problem with this code. I think there is a TP on Canon's knowledgebase about this. The real bummer is it is not a fuse you can (make that should) replace. We did a temp fix while ordering an "advance exchange" board.

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    There is times when the toner bottle is the culprit, I remember this happen to me once on a brand new installation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SCREWTAPE View Post
    There is times when the toner bottle is the culprit, I remember this happen to me once on a brand new installation.
    I have seen this as well, the bottle was not properly mounted, the tray flange to the left of the bottle was overlapped by the first ring around the butt of the toner bottle. It should fit flush up against the base of the bottle instead.

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