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    iR1025if unable to ping or print -- Repost

    This is a repost for seantydingco, whose post got fubarred somehow.

    This is network question for the Canon experts. I setup a 1025if on a city network, specifically in a courtroom for the court clerk to be able to print/scan/fax.

    I setup the print driver on the city server and shared it out. But it only printed out a couple times then it seemed to just drop or get blocked.

    Now I know about ip blocking or just using mac address to print on a network but, the thing is that I have been working with the cities IT network person, and he can not figure out why its not printing?

    We tried a brand new 1025if on the same network and made sure all settings where dulipcate, but no success.

    He then called me on my off time to inform me that he used a HP MFP on the network and was able to print all day long?

    Has anyone encountered this before?

    I brought back the same machine to my shop and hooked it up to our network and bam!! it prints???

    Is there a setting from the factory that I am not aware of that I may need to change to get it to be seen on the network??

    This has plagued me for three weeks and I need to find out quickly.

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    Check ethernet cables, switches, router, firewall, anti-virus etc.

    Try a different computer on the same network if possible or see if you have a laptop if that can be connected into the network and communicate with the copier.

    Make sure copier is in same IP address range as computer and has same subnet mask. Can you try getting an IP address via DHCP if you haven't already then turn DHCP off once you've got one?

    Try pinging both from copier (should be able to do in service mode) and pinging from a computer.

    With this kind of problem you need to isolate the cause of the problem, rule things out as being the problem until you can determine the cause of the problem.

    You've already been able to determine that the NIC works and the copier works so the problem must be either in the settings inputted into the copier or something on the customer's network.

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    The 1025 has under network settings a feature to display on the screen the I.P address that is assigned to that particular data port.
    I've had the same issue when I have made sure that I've entered the correct I.P details into the machine but the data point has a different address.

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    iR1025if unable to ping or print -- Repost

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    You could also check the 'Data Execution Prevention' Settings in:

    Ctrl Panel > System > Advanced > Data Ex Prevention in windows,

    This has caused me problems before with network printing because of windows treating the MFP as a potential risk to computer security!!!

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