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    Re: What's the setting to stop the printer from preheating whenever the phone rings?

    Quote Originally Posted by aab1 View Post
    So far I "saved" well over $3000 in just over a month by refilling and using remanufactured cartridges (it costs me $40 and 20 minutes of work to refill a set of cartridges instead of $700 for new ones). I also never reused any waste toner. I didn't really save it though because I would never pay $700 for cartridges that make 2800 prints at 5% coverage, that's absolutely insane when my inkjet can print that much for $10 instead of $700.

    If I had to pay $700 per 2800 prints I never would have gotten the machine in the first place and would use only my inkjet. Even with the refills it still costs me 6 times more per page than inkjet but it's worth it for the times I want water resistant prints. I calculated how much it would cost me per page using refills and re manufactured cartridges and assuming I get 3 refills per cartridge before even considering buying the machine.

    I use it for my businesses I run and without refills I'd be loosing money rather than making money so it would make no sense to buy it if I was going to pay $700 per 2800 prints.
    First of all, I'd like to know of ONE machine on the market that charges $700 for cartridges that print ONLY 2800 pages. I would also like to know of ONE inkjet cartridge that CAN print 2800 pages. If you are only getting 2800 pages out of a "$700 cartridge" it is either BECAUSE you are refilling them, or you dont have the first clue what "5% coverage" is! Besides, the chemical components of toner are designed specifically for the model they are intended for. Refilling with generic toner not only will cause quality issues (since the machine is calibrated and designed for SPECIFIC chemical compositions, and you are providing a supply of a different composition) it will eventually outright destroy the machine! So, go ahead and save yourself a couple hundred bucks on regular supplies, while destroying your $15000 piece of equipment.

    Secondly, you really need to learn some math. INKJET printers, even the cheap Kodak printers, still run at MINIMUM 10cents per page black, 24cents per page color. LASER products range from 1cent - 4 cents per page black, and 6cents-10cents per page color.

    Thirdly, if your machine DOES for some reason only get 2800 pages from a "$700" cartridge, and you say you are saving "$3000 per month" by refilling, then you OBVIOUSLY did not do your homework on the equipment you were buying, or you would have realized that with THAT type of volume, that machine is WAY to small for your needs. These things have monthly volume limits (and although they are only guidelines, not set-in-stone amounts, drastic overages WILL destroy the machine). Saving $3000 per month by spending $20 rather than $700, you are effectively saving $680 each time. $3000/$680=4.5 sets of cartridges per month. 4.5 sets x 2800 pages per set=12352 prints per month. If a full set of cartridges costs $700, then you can't have anything much bigger than a desktop machine, which are only rated for 3000-5000 pages per month.

    If, as a business owner, you can't see this, then you deserve to be losing money.

    Also, what kind of business has their fax machine connected to a main voice line?

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    Re: What's the setting to stop the printer from preheating whenever the phone rings?

    Are you really that ignorant? Look at the cost of the cartridges for the Canon MF8350Cdn, about $700 (considerably more with tax, this is for all 4 cartridges, not each in case that's what you were thinking), now look at the yield: 2800 color, 3500 black. And to say this is because I[m refilling them makes less than no sense because you only need to refill it after the original toner runs out, I get about 2-3 refills per cartridge before quality degrades and I replace it, however even the brand new cartridge only holds enough toner for 2800 prints at 5%, so it makes absolutely no sense to say it's because I refill, because this is true with a new cartridge that was never refilled, and are the specs claimed by Canon themselves anyway. I also only buy toner specifically formulated for my exact cartridge, I never, ever, ever for any reason use generic refills, either for laser or inkjet, you might as well just smash the printer with a hammer, generic refills WILL break your machine, at least with inkjets and likely laser also. This copier was $500 ($300 off from the original $800) by the way, not $15000 (yes, the copier costs less than the cartridges, but it comes with half filled cartridges)

    I thought this was the cost for most/all laser printers, are there some that can get more than 2800 prints for $700? I know bigger copiers end up slightly cheaper but not by much.

    The HP Officejet series that uses HP 10/11 cartridges does 2200 black prints and 2350 color prints and the cartridges all together barely cost more than $100 and that's at the MSRP, that's close to 1/7th of the cost, and you can find them even cheaper. Most of HP's Officejet Pro series have costs per page about the same as this. Maybe it's not quite 2800 prints, but close and for a fraction of the cost. Newer models have yields of about 2500.

    And you're obviosuly (ok, I'm done correcting typos, I'm iusing google chrome which as a bug with the auto correct so I quit using it) unaware of BUSINESS CLASS inkjet printers, you're comparing a business laser printer to a home model inkjet designed to print 100 pages a month. You even said "even the cheap kodak printers", of course a printer that costs $40 is going to cost a fortune in ink, but get a $1000 inkjet and then you get a cost per page that's a fraction of any laser printer. Look at the HP Officejet Pro series and you'll see NO LASER PRINTER even comes close to the cost per page of these inkjets, not to mention they print much faster than comparably price lasers (up to 35ppm in color). And with refills I print 20% coverage pages at 0.5 cents a page, show me a laser that can print 20% color that cheap, it's never going to happen because the bare cost of toner is more than that to begin with, so you can't ever get the cost per page of laser as low as you can on inkjet, PERIOD.

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    What's the setting to stop the printer from preheating whenever the phone rings?

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    Re: What's the setting to stop the printer from preheating whenever the phone rings?

    **Knowledge is time consuming, exhausting and costly for a trained Tech.**

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    What's the setting to stop the printer from preheating whenever the phone rings?

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    Re: What's the setting to stop the printer from preheating whenever the phone rings?

    It suddenly hit me: Aab1 is like a religious zealot from a religion that is not your own, trying too hard to make you give up your beliefs and embrace his own. He's a copier evangelist!

    ' "But the salesman said . . ." The salesman's an asshole!'

    'You will always find some Eskimo ready to instruct the Congolese on how to cope with heat waves.'


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