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    Update on Canon w8400 bk printing problems

    All inks are canon

    Seems that MBK inks (matte black) on the 1350 heads will clog up very fast and (dry out)
    if the printer is not used almost every day.
    The PK (photo Black) has much better retention in the head.

    There are always ways to look at this but some print shops dont print wide format every day.

    The cleaning cycle may help but after trying even brand new MBK
    still had the problem

    The PK when cycled through worked every time even after a week of standing.
    Canon never indicated that this would be a problem

    Being a 6 color head you cannot just replace the single color.
    so every time you have a BK problem
    theres another $600

    Dont use MBK !


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    Update on Canon w8400 bk printing problems

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    It has been some time since I serviced the w8400 family, but I don't recall having issues with MBk. Before making such a strong statement I would try a MBK cartridge from a different (load or party). I would check prod. date.

    In my opinion (distant opinion) the cartridge is faulty.
    It can happen that a party of cartridges has issues. Not always this is reported.

    Shit happens all the time, but it smells bad when happens to you...

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    10 different carts from diff lots.
    Matte black just will not play nice in these for extended times of non use.

    But , the printer is a good one if used every day and the ink can last outside for months with the proper media.

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